100% Vegetable Tanning






Handcrafted Process






Vegetable tanning

It’s the most ancient and traditional way of hide tanning. Vegetable tanning is a handcrafted process that we have passed down from generation to generation, following both old recipes and high technology.

We  specialize  in processing raw cowhides into durable leather. This process can only be carried out in wooden drums, using natural tannins, modern technology and machines, and our traditional knowledge acquired over time.

Our raw material for the tanning process are high quality raw hides from our national and European suppliers as well as natural products such as natural tannins that come from tree barks, branches, fruit and leaves. We mainly use tannins (vegetable extracts) from quebracho wood (schinopsis lorentzzi) and mimosa bark (acacia dealbata). Due to all of this, the final colour of our products are usually  warm  with rich brown patinas. Other natural ingredients are oils used in the oiling process, such as olive and sunflower oil. The whole process gives the leather threads unique properties such as smoothness, elasticity and strength.

Vegetable tanning is the only method that confers the leather its own unique properties: it is natural and eco-friendly. In Curtidos Luprimo, we guarantee that our products are free of chemicals and are not harmful to the environment.


The result: durable leather that only betters with age